Care and Safety House Bonaire

Working together to create a safe and caring community

Care and Safety House Bonaire (ZVH) is an initiative of several organizations from healthcare, justice, education and local government work together. ZVH stands for a cross-chain approach to complex problems to combat serious nuisance and crime, and to prevent social failure.

Our Mission

The mission of the Care and Safety House Bonaire is to promote a safer and healthier community through close cooperation between various organizations. We are committed to preventing and tackling serious problems and offering perspective to people and families dealing with complex problems.


Our Approach

Offering Perspective

Through an integrated working method and systems approach, ZVH strives to offer perspective even in the most complicated families and problems. We understand that many people face complex issues and we want to provide them with the support and guidance they need to move their lives in a positive direction.

Joint Action Plan

We draw up a joint action plan for each case submitted. This plan ensures that the actions of different organizations are coordinated and that the needs of individuals and families with complex problems are clearly identified. By working together we can find more effective solutions and provide the right support.