Quality Assurance Childcare Centers

Our Mission:

Our mission is clear – we strive to support childcare facilities in providing the best possible care and education to the children of our community.

Hoe Wij Ondersteunen

  • Advice and Guidance: We provide advice and guidance to child care facilities to help them improve their programs and facilities.
  • Professional Development: We promote the professional development of childcare workers by offering training and workshops.
  • Quality standards: We support childcare facilities in meeting and maintaining the quality standards as formulated in the (future) childcare law.
  • Parental involvement: We encourage parental involvement and work with parents to ensure the quality of childcare.

Our Impact

Through our efforts, childcare facilities strive to provide safe, stimulating and educational environments where children can grow and learn through play. We are proud to play a key role in promoting quality in childcare on Bonaire.

Contact Us

If you are a childcare facility that needs our support or if you have any questions about our quality improvement efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and contribute to a thriving childcare community. We can be reached at